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The call to reconnect with consumers

Jun 23, 2015

Consumer products industry advisor Deloitte reveals many of America’s national food and beverage household brands continue to struggle for the hearts and minds of consumers for the fifth year in a row.  According to Deloitte’s American Pantry Study 71% of shoppers say they’re spending less on food, beverage and household goods.  Consumers are also turning to digital tools to help them research products and compare prices.  Understanding the drivers of at-the-shelf purchases can help brands improve their promotional strategies and better connect with consumers, according to Deloitte’s study.  Deloitte’s American Pantry Study provides a unique and valuable perspective on changing consumer attitudes and behaviors, and offers valuable clues about future shopping trends.  .  View highlights from the 2015 American Pantry Study, which tracks consumer shopping patterns.

Why brands need to practice ‘nimbleocity’

Jan 13, 2015

Eric Solomon and Gopi Kallayil, Google directors, explain that brands running higher risks, obtain higher rewards in digital marketing. Small brands experiment with digital content, having more impact in their campaigns. Two companies invented ads during the Super Bowl, as if affordable, creating a buzz. Numbers are essential. Newcastle: more than 10 million views, mentioned in 600 articles, gaining major sales´ increase (Adweek). Honey Maid graham crackers´ sales jumped 7%, had more than 12 million viewers; search in Google soared 400%.